Monday, June 13, 2005


"Pros and Cons" is a regular feature we came up with back in May, but unfortunately did not have the time or resources to launch until now. The title is rather self explanatory, but basically, here we will dissect one of the current big issues/news stories and look at the pros (progressive views, opinions, and quotes) and the cons (conservative views, opinions, and quotes).

In our first installment, we will look at how both sides are dealing with the issue of Guantanamo Bay, whose prisoner abuse record has been thrust back into the spotlight. While Progressives are united in the call to look into the allegations against Guantanamo and hopefully shut it down, Conservatives are divided on the situation's severity.


Pro: The whole issue started when Amnesty International made the charge that "Guantanamo has become the gulag our times," due to the "over 100 ghost detainees held by the US." They went on to "call on the US Administration to 'close Guantanamo and disclose the rest [of the ghost detainees]," meaning "either release the prisoners or charge and prosecute them with due process."

Con: After AI's remarks made headlines, numerous Bush administration officials went on the rebound. Rumsfeld called the claims "reprehensible," and turned it around to say that if anything should be called a gulag, it should be what Saddam was doing. Bush called Amnesty's charge "absurd." Bush's "absurb" Amnesty denouncing was swiftly echoed by Condolezza Rice. Cheney was simply "offended by it," and "frankly just [didn't] take them seriously."


Pro: Bush was not the only U.S. President to address the Guantanamo situation. Last week current civil rights activist and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter called for the closing of Guantanamo. Carter questioned Bush, saying "the U.S. continues to suffer terrible embarrassment and a blow to our reputation as a champion of human rights because of reports concerning abuses of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo." Days before Carter's request, Sen. Joe Biden called for the creation of an independent commission to look into the charges of abuse, and said he personally believed Guantanamo should be shut down.

Con: Seizing the opportunity, the rightwing pundit class went on the attack. On his show, The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly played a clip of Biden's Guantanamo comments, removed the portion where Biden called for the establishment of an independent commission, and tried to give the stance to Republicans. Sadly for Bill, his pundit companions were apprehensive about discussing the possibility of a flaw in administration policy. Sean Hannity tried to downplay Guantanamo abuse, and Brit Hume went on Fox News Sunday yesterday morning and said the Bush administration must not "[yield] to those critics" who state "problems and accusations [about prisoner abuse at Guantanamo]" in order to get "the world to believe that America is what's wrong with the world, or is in danger always of being what's wrong with the world."


Pro: Democrats continued the assault on civil rights violations, with the leadership joining in the chorus for the closing of Guantanamo. Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said , "I think that we need a fresh start, ... a clean slate for America in the Muslim world." Pelosi's Senate counterpart, Minority Leader Harry Reid, took it further, saying "the issue is about more than Guantanamo. This is about the administration's misguided detainee policies and its unwillingness to hold senior people accountable."

Con: The Republican stance, on the other hand, began to see cracks. While the Bush administration and media loyalists stood firm behind keeping Guantanamo Bay open, with a case of lamus duckus setting in on the president, other Republicans distanced themselves for the sake of their own political futures. Last week, President Bush slightly altered his position, saying that he and his administration were "exploring all alternatives." Press Secretary Scott McClellan later cleaned up saying "'nothing's changed' since Bush talked about leaving options open... [adding] 'We remain a nation at war. The individuals who are at Guantanamo Bay are dangerous terrorists who seek to do harm to the American people.'" Earlier tonight in an interview on Hannity and Colmes, Vice President Cheney defended Guantanamo, calling it "an essential part of our strategy of prevailing and winning in the ongoing war on terror" that would not be closing in the near future. This afternoon, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) also attempted to refute charges of abuse at Guantanamo by displaying items from the cafeteria's menu, "So the point is that the inmates in Guantanamo have never eaten better, they've never been treated better and they've never been more comfortable in their lives." Contrarily, Republican Senators Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez have called for Guantanamo's closing in recent days, saying that the facility has hurt America more than helped it.


Pro: For once, the Democratic unity can be seen by both bloggers and officials. Chris Bowers posts that Guantanamo Bay "serves as a perpetual reminder that the reality of our policy never approaches the lofty heights of our rhetoric about human rights, respect and democracy. Such duplicity can only serve to damage our image and embolden those who wish to harm us." Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis not only commends Amnesty International for looking into the prisoner abuse at Guantanamo, but also commends the controversial method they used to bring it to the public's attention. Pandagon expanded on Scher's exuberance by holding a 24-hour blogathon to support Amnesty International. Think Progress has documented the Right's missteps since the AI report and past Guantanamo-related torture and civil rights violations.

Con: Conservative bloggers seems to stand behind the administration's deny and glorify policy. Powerline calls the attacks against Guantanamo an act of "Blame America first." refers to the scandal as the "Amnesty Tragedy," saying Amnesty International has "lost its bearings" by focusing on abuses by the US, and gives credit for the establishment of an independent commission to Bill O'Reilly. Polipundit questions the saneness of someone who would make such accusations. Captain's Quarters thinks Guantanamo should remain open, and though they are not fond of toture, they believe the detainees should "rot and die there. Better that than releasing them and having to fight them a second time."


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